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In Honor of Richard Dean Brady.  His Legacy of giving Hope to others will live on through his Daughter's Foundation.


The Brignoni Foundation for Pregnant Teens, Inc. is dedicated to improving the lives of pregnant and parenting teens. We support various organizations by providing them with resources offering a message of personal success and life skills that outline steps for increasing self-awareness, developing self-empowering characteristics, establishing goals, and identifying actions needed to consciously create a legacy of success. We believe that "Hope is the Foundation for Our Success".

The Brignoni Foundation for Pregnant Teens, Inc. envisions a world where young moms can be transformed from struggling, at-risk teens to empowered, self-supporting community members. We believe that this can be achieved by sharing messages of hope in spite of the struggle through firsthand experience. We encourage young moms around the country to stay in school so that they can become self-supporting and improve their living conditions.

Over 750,000 teens become pregnant each year in the US alone, and of those pregnancies, 410,000 result in live birth. More than 60% of pregnant teens drop out of high school, and less than 2% graduate from college. Teen mothers have a greater risk of suffering from postpartum depression, which often leads to feelings of hopelessness and significantly impacting everyday life and the life of their children.

These young moms are desperate for Hope. When young moms believe in themselves, stay focused on an education, they can become productive members of our communities. We have a responsibility to reach out, guiding and encouraging them toward success. The Brignoni Foundation for Pregnant Teens, Inc. believes that "Success is Always an Option."

The Brignoni Foundation for Pregnant Teens, Inc. is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization dedicated to donating inspirational and practical resources
to enhance life skills of pregnant and parenting teens around the country.
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